‘All I Did Was Be Black’: Police Called On Smith College Student Eating Lunch

Smith College is investigating after police were called to investigate a black student who was eating her lunch in a common room.

“This shouldn’t happen to anyone at all,” Oumou Kanoute said crying.

Kanoute is a rising sophomore at Smith College. She works at a summer program teaching chemistry to high schoolers for Smith’s STEM program and was reading in the dining hall of the Tyler House dorm Tuesday.

“Next thing you know, I see the cop walk in with a Smith employee whom I’ve never seen before and the man asked me, ‘we were wondering why you’re here?’” Kanoute said.

She says police told her an employee had called about a suspicious black man. She recorded video with her phone, adding her own text on Instagram, with a post that’s prompted outrage from supporters.

“No student of color should have to explain why they belong at prestigious white institutions,” she wrote. “I worked my hardest to get into Smith, and I deserve to feel safe on my campus.”

She added: “All I did was be black.”

“It just still upsets me to just talk about it because I don’t even feel safe on my own campus and I’m away from home. I’m the first in my family to go to college. I’m doing this not only for me but for my family, for my ancestors,” Kanoute told WBZ-TV

Smith’s president sent a statement apologizing and assuring the student, “That she belongs in all Smith spaces. This painful incident reminds us of the ongoing legacy of racism and bias in which people of color are targeted while simply going about the business of their daily lives…building an inclusive, diverse and sustainable community is urgent and ongoing work.”

Kanoute appreciates the apology but wants more.

“I want the identity of the caller released,” she says. “I want a public apology from that caller and I want them fired from the school.”

Smith’s administration says privacy laws prevent them from releasing the name, so Kanoute has turned to social media with a plea for help.

“I tried to like shake it off. I didn’t even want to speak up and speak out because I know not everyone’s going to agree with what you need to say. Not everyone’s going to listen to you,” Kanoute says. “I’m just so upset.”

I hear about stories like this and can’t help but think, there’s more to this story then we are being told. 

Minneapolis police shooting: No charges to be filed against officers in death of Thurman Blevins

According to the statement, Thurman Blevins allegedly ignored multiple commands to show his hands, took a gun out of his pocket and turned toward the officers in the June incident. The two officers fired a total of 14 shots, with four hitting Blevins, according to authorities.

“Mr. Blevins represented a danger to the lives of” the officers, thereby making the shooting “authorized” under state law, Hennepin County attorney Mike Freeman said in a statement.

Man dies after officer-involved shooting in Toledo, Ohio, police say

A 25-year-old man is dead after an officer-involved shooting on Friday in Toledo, Ohio, police said. CBS Toledo affiliate WTOL reports a crowd had gathered near the scene of the shooting Friday night, resulting in a large police presence.

Toledo police tweeted the man had a firearm, but the details of what happened are still unclear.

This is the second police shooting in Toledo in less than a week. On Saturday, a man was killed after a robbery at a Dollar General store in South Toledo, WTOL reports. Officer Jonathon Chio, a three-year veteran of the police force, shot and killed 56-year-old Dale Slocum, who police said entered the Dollar General waving a gun and demanding money.

The gun was later discovered to be a replica, but police said they found 53-year-old Tommy Thacker stabbed to death inside the store. Police told WTOL Thacker was stabbed while trying to hold Slocum down.

Update: Officer-Involved shooting investigation is ongoing & will take time.

BART stabbing suspect charged with murder

A 27-year-old man suspected of stabbing two women in the throat, killing one of them, at a public transit station in Oakland, California, has been charged with murder.

Nia Wilson, 18, was walking on the subway platform with her sisters when a man stabbed her with a knife in an unprovoked, fatal attack on Sunday, according to Bay Area Rapid Transit officials. Her sister, Letifah Wilson, was also stabbed and seriously injured.
The suspect, John Cowell, faces charges of murder and attempted murder.
“If there is evidence uncovered that this defendant murdered and attempted to murder these two young African-American women because of their race or any other factor as outlined in the hate crime statutes, the complaint will be amended to allege the hate crimes,” according to the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office.

Dashcam footage shows Mississippi police officer firing stun gun at handcuffed suspect

Dashboard camera footage released by a Mississippi police department shows an officer using a stun gun on a handcuffed suspect.


Meridian Police officer Daniel Starks was terminated for use of excessive force after he fired a stun gun at a handcuffed suspect on July 16.

Update: Mississippi police department fires cop who used stun gun on handcuffed man

The cops are out of control, they all need to be retrained. (Stop shooting people)

Chicago police fatally shot 24-year-old as he climbed a fence to flee, bodycam footage shows

Maurice Granton died after he was shot on Chicago’s South Side on June 6 as police officers conducted a drug investigation in the area.


In the bodycam video, Granton can be seen scaling a wrought iron fence when an officer on the other side opens fire. After Granton falls, he writhes on the ground, and the officer tells him to “stay down” while pointing his gun at him.

Granton was shot in the back, the Cook County Medical Examiner announced two days after the shooting.

It seems the cops shoot first and ask questions later.

Race Debate Reignites After Off-Duty Cop Draws Gun On Unarmed Men

According to the crash report:

An off-duty officer was driving down Route 9 West near Norfolk Street when a BMW allegedly swerved into his lane, hitting the passenger side of his truck. The officer began to pull to the side of the road to exchange paperwork with the BMW driver, but the driver took off instead, the off-duty officer told other responding police officers.

The off-duty officer then pulled back into heavy traffic to follow the BMW to the intersection of Boylston and Hammond streets where the BMW allegedly drove through the intersection on the red light, nearly striking pedestrians. When he caught up to the BMW, the off-duty officer got out of his truck and stopped the BMW as if it were a traffic stop. He then drew his personal firearm, according to the report.

The off-duty officer told the two men in the car he was a police officer, and told them to get out of the car.

State Police were the first to arrive after multiple calls came in describing a white man pointing a gun at a black man who had his hands up on Boylston Street.

Witnesses described the person with the gun as a white man with blonde hair wearing a dark shirt and sunglasses. The man he was allegedly pointing his gun at was described as a shirtless black man with black pants.

Police said they arrived at 4:07 p.m. to find two men handcuffed sitting by the side of the road with the off-duty officer.

In addition to at least one State Police officer who happened to be nearby, at least eight Brookline Police officers responded, backing up traffic for some time on that stretch.

The BMW driver later admitted to police that he was in an accident with the truck as the off-duty officer had described, according to the report. But the man, who was not named because he was not arrested, told police he was looking for a place to pull over and that’s why he kept going.

All I can say is, Black folk are so tired of dealing with bigotry and discrimination based on the color of our skin and the fears of the ignorant.

Race Debate Reignites After Off-Duty Cop Draws Gun On Unarmed Men

Black Woman Manhandled by 3 Cops at Alabama Waffle House Found Guilty

Black woman manhandled by 3 cops at Alabama Waffle Househas been found guilty.

Chikesia Clemons, a black woman that was wrestled to the ground by three Saraland, Ala., police officers at a Waffle House in April, has been found guilty of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Black woman manhandled by 3 cops at Alabama Waffle House has been found guilty.

This is another time a white cop tried to arrest a black woman and it’s called racist.  

‘Stand your ground’ shooting case turned over to Florida state prosecutors, sheriff says

UPDATE: Stand your ground update

Deadly altercation over parking spot caught on camera.

(Police say a Florida man will face no charges for shooting another man dead in a parking lot after an argument last week.

Last Thursday, Markeis McGlockton parked in a handicap spot with his girlfriend and three young kids before going inside a convenience store with his five-year-old son to buy snacks. Outside, Michael Drejka approached McGlockton’s girlfriend, Britany Jacobs. Jacobs says Drejka yelled at her for parking in a handicapped spot without a permit.

Surveillance footage shows McGlockton then walked out of the store and shoved Drejka to the ground. Drejka pulled out his gun and fired a single shot at McGlockton in the chest.

Drejka has a concealed weapons permit and told police he shot McGlockton because he feared for his life.

The sheriff’s office says he is protected by Florida’s “stand your ground” law, which allows people to use deadly force when fearing “imminent death or great bodily harm” without a duty to try to escape the danger.

But Jacobs says McGlockton backed away from Drejka after he pushed him.

“This is wrong,”.  “Because what my man was trying to do was protect his girl like anybody else would.”)

I myself am so sorry for what happened there, but why does avery altercation with a white man and a black man have to be called racist because the two people are a different color. I am so sick of it, it’s all you hear now a days. why can’t it just be two people that can’t get along.

I have seen lazy people park in the handicapped spots all the time and I think it’s wrong too and the only reason I have not said anything was I was afraid of what people will do if you say anything to them. You see what happens when you speak up.

Surveillance video showed McGlockton leaving the store and shoving Drejka hard to the ground.

He should never have put his hands on anyone because of something they were saying.

Victim’s girlfriend says Florida gunman provoked fatal ‘stand your ground’ shooting


According to Gualtieri, Drejka feared “he was going to be further attacked by McGlockton,” he said as he played the surveillance footage. “He felt the next thing was that he was going to be slammed again.”

“We have to recognize that if Markeis McGlockton hadn’t walked up to him the way he did and slammed him on the ground, we wouldn’t be here having this discussion,” Gualtieri added.

Under Stand Your Ground, someone who feels they’re at risk of bodily harm or death can legally use lethal force, rather than retreat from the perceived threat. Critics of the the law, however, argue the language enables racism and racial profiling. Protesters gathered at the Circle K convenience store over the weekend to demand justice for McGlockton.

McGlockton’s criminal record includes drug charges, petit theft, and an aggravated battery arrest that all happened before 2011.

Full Name: Markeis D Mcglockton


Time: 9:12 PM


Total Bond: $2500

Personal Information

Arrest Age:18

Current Age: 28

Gender: Male

Birthdate: 03/28/1990

Block: 1100 Palm Bluff St

City: Clearwater, Florida 33755

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 180 lbs

Hair Color: BLK

Eye Color: BRO

Place of Birth: FL

Markeis Mcglockton Arrest Photo


    STATUTE: 784.045(1)(B)/F


    STATUTE: 843.01/F

    BOND: $2500


    STATUTE: 877.03/M

Black lives do matter. Of course, we should all teach our children to be respectful of authority and their elders, but that can only go so far when you are minding your own business and someone starts harassing you and you should never put your hands on anyone because of something they were saying.