According to the crash report:

An off-duty officer was driving down Route 9 West near Norfolk Street when a BMW allegedly swerved into his lane, hitting the passenger side of his truck. The officer began to pull to the side of the road to exchange paperwork with the BMW driver, but the driver took off instead, the off-duty officer told other responding police officers.

The off-duty officer then pulled back into heavy traffic to follow the BMW to the intersection of Boylston and Hammond streets where the BMW allegedly drove through the intersection on the red light, nearly striking pedestrians. When he caught up to the BMW, the off-duty officer got out of his truck and stopped the BMW as if it were a traffic stop. He then drew his personal firearm, according to the report.

The off-duty officer told the two men in the car he was a police officer, and told them to get out of the car.

State Police were the first to arrive after multiple calls came in describing a white man pointing a gun at a black man who had his hands up on Boylston Street.

Witnesses described the person with the gun as a white man with blonde hair wearing a dark shirt and sunglasses. The man he was allegedly pointing his gun at was described as a shirtless black man with black pants.

Police said they arrived at 4:07 p.m. to find two men handcuffed sitting by the side of the road with the off-duty officer.

In addition to at least one State Police officer who happened to be nearby, at least eight Brookline Police officers responded, backing up traffic for some time on that stretch.

The BMW driver later admitted to police that he was in an accident with the truck as the off-duty officer had described, according to the report. But the man, who was not named because he was not arrested, told police he was looking for a place to pull over and that’s why he kept going.

All I can say is, Black folk are so tired of dealing with bigotry and discrimination based on the color of our skin and the fears of the ignorant.

Race Debate Reignites After Off-Duty Cop Draws Gun On Unarmed Men

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