Police reportedly called on black man opening his own business.

“I was reluctant to give them my ID. I didn’t want to give them my ID and I just obliged after a while because I’ve seen what’s been going on every single day out here and I didn’t want to become a statistic. So I just gave them my ID and they ran it,” Stevenson said.

Stevenson told CNN that the phone call “had to be” racially motivated. “I could be wrong but I’m almost 1000% sure this was racially inspired,” he said.

This is what I mean racially motivated, because the cops were white and he was black.

For a while I thought it was changing and we were past the racial thing.

latest in a series of incidents called racial profiling are :

In one incident, a resident called the fire department to confirm that they were actually performing inspections, and sent security footage of her colleague to the police department because she “suspected ‘criminal activity’ at her house,” the firefighter wrote.

Also in June a white woman was filmed calling the police on an 8-year-old African-American girl selling bottles of water without a permit.  “I think she’s a bully,” said Austin. “Just the fact that she called the police on a child, that’s evil, but to call on a child of color, knowing that people have been killing black kids. That says to me you don’t care about my child’s life.”

In one incident, a white woman in Oakland became known as “BBQ Becky” on social media after she called police on black people who were barbecuing in an area of a park where that was banned.

The one thing I see is these people were all breaking the rules or a law, but everyone over reacted.

I just wish everyone could see past the color thing.

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